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Atlanta Health Insurance Plans

Atlanta Health Insurance Plans for the Young and Healthy

If you are a young person in Atlanta, health insurance plans might seem a bit confusing.  Getting your first great job is exciting.  This is especially so when you bring home your first big paycheck.  But there might be a problem with your paycheck.  You may have forgotten to sign up for one of the health insurance plans that your new employer offered you during your orientation.  Maybe you, like so many young people in Atlanta, don’t think you need to worry about health insurance plans right now.  You’re healthy, right?

If this sounds like you, then you have just recently become a statistic.  You are one of the more than 50% of employed people in Georgia with no health insurance plans.  Believe it or not, this statistic is killing people.  People without health insurance plans tend to avoid the doctor’s office or hospital when they have health problems.  They hope whatever is wrong will just go away because they can’t afford to pay the high price of health care.  Too many times their problems don’t go away, and too often they pay the highest price – death. 

Don’t be a statistic in Georgia.  Health insurance plans are more affordable than you think, and they are necessary no matter how young and healthy you are.  Even healthy people get sick.  Young, healthy people tend to be more active and have more accidents than older sick people.  Illness can be a hefty out of pocket expense without a health insurance plan.  An accident can easily put you thousands of dollars in debt.

Here are a few tips for young people who have recently gotten or are about to get their first great job in Atlanta.  Health insurance plans should not be overlooked.  (That’s tip number one).

Learn About Health Insurance Plans
Your employer is likely to offer a few choices of Atlanta health insurance plans for you to decide on.  They might offer an HMO and an HSA plan.  You might be able to choose between a PPO or an Indemnity plan.  Take the time to learn about these different health insurance plans in Atlanta by going online to search for information, or even by giving an insurance company that offers all sorts of Atlanta health insurance plans.  An insurance agent will be happy to explain the differences between the different plans.  With this knowledge, you will be ready to choose between the health insurance plans offered by your new employer.

Weigh the Cost Benefit
Pick up the Atlanta telephone book and find a couple of doctors to call.  Once you get a real person on the phone (we all know how hard that is these days), tell her that you’ve just moved to Atlanta, that you don’t have a health insurance plan, and that you are looking for a doctor.  Make a list of things that you would expect to have done at a doctor’s office.  For example, regular check ups, complete physicals, sick calls, lab tests, x-rays, etc.  Ask the receptionist how much these things cost.  Do this a couple of times so that you can get an idea of what the average cost of visiting the doctor will be.

Assuming you will visit the doctor four times in a year, once for a physical, once for a check up, and twice for sick calls requiring lab work for one and a couple of x-rays for the other.  Now add up this cost.  Compare that to about $30 taken out of each biweekly paycheck (total of $780 for the year).  Which option is the most cost effective in Atlanta, with a health insurance plan or without?  You will find that health insurance plans in Atlanta save the average young, healthy person a few thousand dollars a year.

Do It First
Now that you know the cost benefit of health insurance plans in Atlanta, you are sure that you want to sign up for health insurance at your first great job, right?  When your new employer offers you options for health insurance plans, choose one.  Don’t wait a few paychecks and think you can do it later.  Atlanta health insurance plans typically have an open enrollment period.  This means if you wait even a week or two, you may have to wait nearly a full year before you have the opportunity to sign up again.  Also, if you do it first (meaning sign up for a health insurance plan before your first paycheck) you are not going to miss the lower take home pay later.

Finding the Right Policy for You

We want you to not only to be insured, but also to save money. Shopping the market with our agents will certainly be to your benefit.

Insurance rates are not only based on zip code, gender and age. Your health situation will be the determining factor in deciding which insurer is best for you.
Experience matters."

The Atlanta Health Insurance Team